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Blockchain Madness Reaches Government

With California Senate Bill 838, sponsor Senator Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) states via press release that: “The world around us is changing, and government must adapt with these rapidly evolving times,” said Sen. Hertzberg. “California needs to continue our legacy of taking on new and developing technologies, especially ones like blockchain, which is being embraced worldwide […]

Best Way to Hire Software Developers

I’ve been thinking about my experience as both a software developer and a hiring manager. Interviewing and hiring practices have become such a ridiculous game that there are books and sites dedicated to “cracking the code.” There are even companies outsourcing their interviewing to other companies because they feel they aren’t qualified to do it […]

Just Use Vue.js

Angular and React are popular frontend frameworks, backed by Google and Facebook respectively. I don’t recommend them. Angular and React are fine and much like the old adage that nobody got fired for buying IBM, you’ll be politically safe using either one. Vue.js is the frontend framework I’ve wanted since the late 1990s. Take this […]

How to Save 250ms Off Every Transaction

This is an old story about Java, but conceptually applicable to whatever you might be using. About 2008 I got the call that a nationally recognized car rental firm was struggling with the performance of their quoting system. A team had spent about a month trying to get the application to work, with no luck. […]

How a 404 Can Bring Down Your Business

A major North American bank had a problem with its commercial loan application. The application was used by lenders to look up credit information about businesses, calculate rates, and process loans. At one point in the process, one of the pages would occasionally simply go blank. Rumor was that in some cases, if left open, […]

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

Once upon a time I got an urgent call from a nationally known auto parts company. They described significant performance degradation in their online product catalog application, used in all of their stores. Upon arriving on site, meetings were held across the organization, representing all the stakeholders. This was all very normal, but I noticed […]

Villainous Heroes

An application breaks in the middle of the night, someone from your technical team rushes to the rescue. They are up all night performing incantations and miracles to minimize data loss and restore service to your users. They are the heroes of the hour, in some cases literally saving the company. Or are they the […]

Where do I put my App?

Amazon Web Services is a popular choice for technology infrastructure. With many free features available, especially in the first twelve months of establishing an account, it’s a tempting solution for early-stage ventures. Amazon is the established leader in cloud computing. Their services are excellent and cover a range of needs, from deployment to notifications. But […]

Product Management is Not Optional

Would you ask your lawyer for advice on customer segmentation? Would you ask your doctor how to price your product? Is your marketing team there to tell you whether to pick python for your next app? Then why are you asking your software developers to define your product, if they don’t represent your target customer […]