Jeff Strickler

Chimney Lake

A 5.2 mile hike from the Bowman Trailhead. Steady 4% grade. Good huckleberry patches around 6100 feet. Multiple established campsites along the way.

Crossing Bowman creek. Depending on the time of year, this can be knee-deep.

Great views toward the Hurricane Divide.

Laverty Lakes.  In some ways it is prettier than Chimney Lake, but the two established campsites are right on the trail.

Impressive boulder field between Laverty and Chimney.

Chimney Lake from the west on the way to Wood and Hobo lakes. Many established campsites available. Mosquitoes were not a noticeable problem in mid July.

Wood lake is off in the distance another two miles, with Hobo and Bear lake to the west (left). Impressive amounts of snow for the time of year. There was at least one rock cairn, but trail could not be seen.

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