Jeff Strickler

Minam Lodge

The new Minam Lodge ( opened this summer. Options for getting there include flights into its private grass airstrip, horseback, or an eight mile hike. The trip in on foot is a descent of more than 3000 feet. Definitely worth a visit.

Barn is being renovated into an event space.

Much of the menu is grown on site in the garden and greenhouse

Fishing, swimming, or just sitting by the river makes a great day.

Multiple lodging options exist. The tents are secluded and have comfortable beds like the lodge rooms.

The teepees come with mattresses on pallets and share the showers and toilets with the tents.

Cabins and the lodge rooms have custom built furniture and finishings.

Red’s Horse Ranch is about a half mile walk from the lodge. Lots of stories about its past.

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